Hanthorn 2 Prong Pincer Fork

This gorgeous 2 prong hair fork has been handcrafted in the UK from a piece of Hawthorn.  Natural un-dyed timber which has been finished with natural oils and waxes.  

The Hawthorn tree is one of the sacred trees of Wicca and Witchcraft, and is associated with “Beltane” and the “May Day” spring celebrations.  Beltane honours the Sun god Belenus whose festival originally commenced on the first day the Hawthorn tree blossomed.  It was often referred to as the May tree because it traditionally flowered during the month of May, and its blossoms used for Mayday decorations.  Today however due to seasonal fluctuations brought on through climate change, it has been seen to flower as early as March and April, but Beltane is still celebrated on the 1st of May.   

The timber used comes from reputable timber merchants or are off-cuts from various sources.  

Total Length: 5.75”  Useable Prong Length: 4.75”  

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Hawthorn 2 prong pincer - £22.00
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