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Hair Fork Store

Made in the UK

I have found a UK maker of hair sticks and hair forks, these are all handmade with many distinctive forks being exclusive to Longhaired Jewels.

Made in the USA

US flag

I have arrangements with some US makers enabling me to offer their hair forks at a price comparable to that which would be paid in the USA.

Everywhere Else

Occasionally I find hair forks from other makers world-wide which I can offer for sale to you.

As the UK has left the European Union all customers outside the UK will now be liable for VAT, customs duties and any other local charges applicable to their relevant countries.


Made in the UK

  United States of America

Forks from the USA


Forks by Joshua Jeter

2 prong         :       3 prong       :       4 prong       :       5 prong
::: Jeter 2 prong forks :::
::: Jeter 3 prong forks :::
::: Jeter 4 prong forks :::
::: Jeter 5 prong forks :::

Americano Range Hair Forks

World Forks