Rustic Handmade Gabon Ebony 3 Prong Fork

This is a 3 prong Gabon Ebony hair fork.

Ebony is the Greek word for "fruit of the gods". Drinking goblets made from it were believed to be an antidote for poison and warding off evil intent. This may be why many think an ebony wand has magical powers.

Gaboon ebony is the most pure black but can have occasional chocolate brown seams. The sap wood is a light gray offering extreme contrasts in colour that can add dramatic flare to small turning projects.

The 'Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod', or just 'Black Rod', is an official in the Houses of Parliment. The most public duty of the post is to summon the Commons to attend the Queen in the House of Lords for the annual Queens Speech. The title is derived from the Ebony rod that has been the symbol of office since the 16th centtry. The post of Black Road is used by other Commonwealth countries which have adopted the Westminster model of Government.

Prongs Prong
Width Qty
3 4.50" 6.00" 1.50" 1

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