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Longhaired Jewels

Do you have long hair?

Have you found it difficult to locate a hair stick seller in the UK?

Well I have lots of hair sticks and I'm in the UK,

welcome to my store.

I have plain sticks, painted sticks, stained sticks, turned sticks and sticks with beads and stones.

Sticks with hanging charms and sticks without and sometimes sticks with everything!

Flat sticks and round sticks, sticks that are neither round or flat, straight sticks, curved sticks and corkscrew sticks.

Sticks made from all sorts of woods and even some not made from wood at all.

Tree of life hairsticksI'm even the UK's only authorised distributor for Ketylo too.

I have more sticks than you can, well, shake a stick at.

And if that's not enough I even do hairforks too!

And if that still isn't enough, I will even make you a custom stick too.

Please, come in and have a look around.