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Ketylo UK Store

Due to a devastating fire at Rutland Plywood, the sole producers of Dymondwood, no new stock is being produced. As Ketylos own stock of Dymondwood is severely limited the number of sticks avialable to their distributors will also be limited.

I am the only authorised distributor for Ketylo Corkscrew hair sticks in the UK.

As I only hold a limited number of each of the Ketylos I have up for sale please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the Ketylos listed below.

I place orders on a regular basis so if there are any other Ketylos you would like and you are willing to wait a short while I would be happy to add them to my next order.

  The pictures below are for guidance only. Ketylos are handmade with no two being exactly the same, making each stick unique.
Slight variations in colour can occur with Dymondwood due to the manufacture and dyeing process used.

As the UK has left the European Union all customers outside the UK will now be liable for VAT, customs duties and any other local charges applicable to their relevant countries.

Standard shipping terms: UK: Free

When buying from outside the UK please email me for a quote.

Ketylo sticks come in three sizes, short 5 inch, medium 6 inch and long 7 inch so no matter what length your hair is there is a Ketylo suitable.

My prices are as follows:- Short Medium Long
Acrylics & Exotics £14.00 £15.00 £16.00  
Dymondwood All Dymondwood sticks: £18.00 each
Due to the devastating fire at Rutland Plywood (the sole manufacturer of Dymondwood) and Ketylos distribution restrictions I have no alternative but to increase my prices for the Dymondwood Ketylos.
I am currently still able to get a limited supply of Dymondwood but at a much higher cost to myself.
Dymalux All Dymalux sticks: £17.00 each

Click on a Ketylo image below for an expanded view

Forks 3D Stained Acrylic Exotic Dymalux Dymondwood

Dymondwood Hairforks

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Ketylo 3D Printed Hairforks

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Stained Myrtle Ketylos

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Ketylo Acrylics

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Ketylo Exotics

Ketylo Dymalux

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Ketylo Dymondwood

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